Personal Travel

Salem students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to limit unnecessary personal travel to the extent possible for their safety.

Quarantine After International or Cruise Ship Travel

Individuals who travel internationally or via cruise ship during the 2020–2021 academic year will be required to quarantine for 14 days prior to entering campus.  Campus members must notify Salem prior to departure as follows: Office of Human Resources (employees) or the Director of Student Life (students).  Upon notification, campus members will receive further instruction regarding quarantine protocols., campus members will receive further instruction regarding quarantine protocols.

Salem-Sponsored Travel

To protect campus members from COVID-19 exposure associated with travel, Salem-sponsored travel is suspended until further notice.

Pursuant to the Salem Academy and College Travel Policy, Salem-sponsored travel is defined broadly and includes travel that:

  • is funded in part or in full by Salem;
  • is awarded course credit;
  • is organized by a recognized Salem group such as a class or club;
  • is planned, organized, and/or accompanied by a Salem employee; or
  • is part of a program, conference, or other event for which an individual is authorized to be representing Salem.