Course Delivery

Academy Fully Remote Learning Schedule

All academic classes will be delivered in a virtual online format to protect the health and safety of students and faculty members. 

Updated Remote Schedule for Academy

Additional Academic support and comments:

  • Any student with a C average or below is required to attend virtual office hours once a week.
  • College classes will still meet during their regularly scheduled times.
  • Individual appointments are required for students who miss an Academy class to attend a College class.
  • Students and faculty without an AP course or Pathways will use the 11:45 pm - 12:45 pm slot as additional office hours or study hall.
  • Health & Wellness activities and some club meetings will begin at 3 pm. 
  • Community Social Activities will start virtually and become face-to-face for day students when possible.
  • Minor modification to this schedule may be made for the weeks of November 30, 2020 to end-of-term on December 18, 2020

Note:  Due to the personalized nature of the Salem Academy curriculum, a student's individual schedule may include some modifications. These modifications are due to enrollment in college courses, lab science requirements, and other academic or co-curriculum options. Typically, students will have 5 academic courses, 1 co-curricular (art/theatre/music), and 1 study hall within the 7 allocated block periods. The above schedule represents a large picture overview of the Salem Academy remote academic day.  

January Term Schedule

January Term will have a special virtual schedule designed to meet the needs of Academy students. This schedule will be made available by October 15, 2020.

Recording Classes and Intellectual Property 

Materials created solely for the purpose of satisfying a course requirement are owned by Salem Academy. Such materials may not be reproduced or distributed without written consent of the Academy. In any case, no recorded class materials may be used in a manner that violates the Honor Code’s provision of respect for faculty, staff, other students, and members of the administration.