The Salem Ready, Salem Strong section of our website is the source for all information about our fall plans. Please review the contents of this carefully and regularly in order to understand campus plans during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many independent day and boarding schools that have started back are encountering cases of COVID-19 in their student and faculty populations. These schools are considering disrupting the school community and academics by once again switching to remote learning and sending residential students back to their homes. 

The National Association of Independent Schools has stated: “This situation is evolving by the hour. Every school is struggling with what decisions are the ‘right’ ones to make and, in many instances, we may not know what is ‘right’ until we have the benefit of hindsight. Even then, we may not know. With that in mind, the ‘right’ decision is one that considers public health guidance, the law, your school’s mission and culture, and your community’s safety. What is ‘right’ for one school may not be right for another.“ (NAIS - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidance for Schools)

After much deliberation and following thoughtful consideration of a wide range of factors—and with the health and safety of students, faculty, and staff always foremost, Salem Academy and College has made the decision to transition online for fall 2020 with the aim of both protecting the health and welfare of campus members while also ensuring the continuity of a high quality education and experience for our Academy students. Salem Academy and College is committed to creating the best possible experience that we can for Salem campus members during this difficult time. 

Recent trends locally and nationally have prompted Salem to make the hard choice to move to fully remote learning. We made this decision due to ongoing and heightened concerns about the risks of exposure and transmission of COVID-19 in a residential campus setting, as well as local, state, and national efforts to control the virus and its spread. Nothing is more important than the health and safety of all members of our Salem community.

Salem Academy and College has been a leader since our founding nearly 250 years ago. We believe our decision once again demonstrates moral and educational leadership. The Academy and College educates students on the importance of leadership—leadership wrestles with complex problems in robust and inclusive ways and makes its choices grounded in information and in ethical responsibility. Based on our commitments to excellence in education, to moral and educational leadership, and to health, we are joining the growing number of educational institutions that like Salem, have shifted all classes online for the fall semester. 

Our decision is also grounded in our commitment to excellence in education, and the Salem Academy faculty are prepared to offer remote education and community activities that meet our rigorous standards. We know that the best education is an education that is responsive to complex realities shaping our world.  Our virtual programming and events will continue to build on the connections that we treasure here at Salem Academy.

For now, the Salem Academy community must continue to be physically apart, but you will remain close in our hearts. While it is hard for each of us, this is the best way to remain forever Salem Strong!

For additional information regarding the transition to remote learning for fall 2020, Salem Academy has compiled a list of FAQs.