Weekly Newsletter

Week of April 16, 2020

From the Head of School

I want to share with you the passage that I wrote to our Academy Alumnae for their monthly newsletter. Many were planning to be back on campus next weekend for Reunion Weekend, so this pandemic has touched more of our community than many of us initially considered.

“True friendship isn’t about being inseparable - it’s about being separated and nothing changes.” - Unknown

Happy spring! 

I was walking through a very quiet Student Lounge in the Academy, and I spotted the above quotation on a small wooden plaque on one of the tables. I immediately thought of the students and the fact that they left this building in March with every intention of returning to finish out the school year. The Class of 2020 never even considered that their entire last quarter of high school would take place in their homes and not at 500 E. Salem Avenue. All those events that are the defining moments of a Salem Academy experience are reimagined or put on hold. It is a separation that no words can begin to describe. We are sad beyond words.


A Salem Academy education is not a building. A Salem Academy education is a combination of people, experiences, and dialogues. It is the development of a skill set that will allow a woman to be comfortable and confident in any setting. It is the resilience to face head-on and conquer any obstacles or challenges that appear. But more than these, it is the innate selflessness that our students, teachers, and alumnae possess that drives us to protect the essence of Salem Academy. 

My husband and I received our stimulus checks last week, and we are in a position that we are able to donate the full amount to the organizations that are important to us. I am donating to the different girls’ schools that have impacted my life as a student and as a professional. Salem Academy is one of my recipients because I believe in Salem Academy. If you are in a position to contribute any amount of money to this wonderful school, I urge you to join me in financially supporting the students and faculty. I recognize that this could be a hardship for many, due in part to the uncertainties ahead of us; sharing your experience with prospective students is just as valuable to us. Thank you in advance for all that you continue to do for your school.

I wish good health to all of you. 

Far may our song ring clear!

Carol Killebrew

Salem Community

Upcoming Celebration Of Salem’s 250th Anniversary

Salem Academy and College announces the upcoming celebration of Salem’s 250th Anniversary to be held during the academic year of 2021-22. We will be commemorating and celebrating both Salem’s remarkable history and our inspiring future as a trailblazer in education for girls and women. 

The year-long recognition will include a special focus on all of Salem’s traditional events, beginning with orientation 2021 and concluding with graduation 2022. We will also celebrate with a number of special events, kicking off with a gala concert and dinner(s) tentatively scheduled for September 25, 2021, and wrapping up with a Finale Weekend that will include Founder’s Day on April 22, 2022, and Reunion Weekend April 22-24, 2022. 

We will invite the participation of people from across the many groups that comprise Salem - both internal and external, alumnae and partners, students, faculty and staff, to shine a bright light on the importance of Salem’s mission, values, and contributions - past, present, and future. 

Next week’s newsletter will include two opportunities for you:

  1. If you have an interest in being involved in creating and implementing the 250th Celebration, you will be able to complete a volunteer form.
  2. You will be able to vote for your favorite among three choices in our 250th logo contest. 

Save the Year! 2021-2022 promises to be a great one!

Salem Academy Fireside Chat

Join Salem Academy via Zoom on Thursday, April 16th at 7:00 pm for a moment of community connectedness. Hear from Head of School, Ms. Carol Killebrew, who will share how Salem Academy is bridging the "distance" to maintain our commitment to engaged learning and close-knit relationships. There will also be a Q & A session towards the end of the chat.

Health and Wellness Updates

Check out our COVID-19 webpage for all campus messages. This webpage is frequently updated and a repository for all messages regarding our COVID-19 plans and outreach


Salem Academy Community Classroom

Looking for a one-stop destination for information about school-wide resources and information? In addition to this weekly message, please visit our Salem Academy Community Classroom on Google Classroom. This is open to all community members with a Salem Academy email account, and the code is kayu3pj. We encourage all families to review these resources together with their daughter.

College Counseling


As you finalize your decision for college, please be sure to pay the deposit at the school you plan on attending in the Fall. Some schools have a June 1st deadline as a result of COVID-19, but most deadlines are May 1st. If you need assistance with this process, please contact Dr. Spong

Standardized Testing

We understand the events of this spring have created anxiety regarding the college application process for our juniors. Higher education and standardized testing organizations have been discussing ways to address the needs of students all over the world. Yesterday, the College Board announced that the June SAT administration will be canceled, but the SAT will be offered one time each month starting in August. ACT is still deciding about their June and July test dates. Both organizations are looking into possible at home options if test centers are not open in the fall.
Over the years, we have watched the trend of more and more colleges going test-optional. In response to COVID-19 and canceled tests, many more schools are opting to do so for the class of 2021. As you consider colleges, you can look at their new testing policies to see what, if any, adjustments they have made.
In response to the difficulty for the class of 2021 sitting for standardized testing this spring, Salem Academy will offer an optional school day test date on October 14. This will coincide with our fall PSAT testing for underclassmen, and Salem will cover the fees for seniors who decide to test that day.  We hope this will help to alleviate some of the pressures that have come with not being able to test this spring.
In addition, Dr. Spong is closely monitoring trends in higher education and is participating in many webinars and open forums to ensure we can provide the best guidance with the quickly changing landscape of college admissions. She is also available for one on one or family meetings to discuss individual needs. Please email Dr. Spong if you would like to set up an appointment.

Student Life

Pathways Evening Program

Please join Ms. Johnson next Wednesday, April 22nd from 7:00-7:45 p.m. for an evening program focused on reducing blue light intake, limiting screen time, and creating a structure for a sleep routine! The Zoom link and password for the Pathways Evening Program can be found in the Salem Academy Community Google Classroom.

Saber Adventures

Saber Adventures

Class of 2021 RIng Ordering  

The class ring ordering day for the Class of 2021 is moving virtually this year.  Class ring orders and payments will be made directly to Herff Jones, Salem Academy's class ring supplier.  When placing the ring order, a $100 deposit fee will be due. Please review the pricing sheet for the rings as reference.

When placing a ring order, please include the following information:

  • Rising Senior’s Name
  • Salem Academy, Class Year
  • Ring Size (view this website for ring sizing help)
  • Ring Metal
  • Engraving (optional - up to 17 characters)
  • Antiquing (optional - blackening of the background around the seal and the class year)

Contact Information for Orders:

  • Herff Jones Sales Representative: Chris Wieczorek 
  • Telephone: 336.228.7770
  • Email:

Note: Include "Salem Academy - Student Name, Class Year" in the subject line for e-mail.

Payments for the class ring can be made by check via mail and/or by credit card payment via phone.  If you have any more questions about the class rings, please contact the Director of Student Activities.