Alumnae Board

Salem Academy Alumnae Board 2019

Left to right: Alyson Dudley Meyer A’91, Martha Johnston Manning A’73, Elizabeth Farish Goliber A’95, Nancy Edmondson Matthews A’78, Helen Farmer A’75, Vonda Kimble Delawie A’75, Sallie Smalley Beason A’85, Shelley Hindmon A’07, Catherine Burroughs A’76, Julia Cardwell Archer A’84, Pattie Webster Gentile A’09, Marianne DeCristo, Director of Development and Alumnae Relations, Ina Blackmore Kamenz A’73, and Emily Greer Johnston A’76.
Not present: Andrea Foshee Passafiume A’88 and Jean Foust Allen A’78.

Salem Academy Alumnae Board 2019-2020

Martha Johnston Manning A’73, President
Winston-Salem, NC

Ina Blackmore Kamenz A’73, Alumna Trustee & President-Elect
Mocksville, NC
Executive Advisor

Pattie Webster Gentile A’09, Recording Secretary
Raleigh, NC
Latin Teacher

Shelley Hindmon A’07, Academy Fund Chair
Charlotte, NC
Fundraising Consultant

Helen Farmer A’75, Director of Nominating
Anderson, SC
Residential Facility Manager

Catherine Burroughs A’76, Director of Alumnae Awards
Edisto, SC
Visiting Professor, English

Nancy Edmondson Matthews A’78, Director, Alumnae Engagement
Darlington, SC
Financial Advisor

Elizabeth Farish Goliber A’95, Co-Director of Reunion Weekend
Winston-Salem, NC
CAD Draftswoman

Natasha Smith A’96, Co-Director of Reunion Weekend
Winston-Salem, NC
Senior Digital Strategist

Emily Greer Johnston A’76, Admission/Retention Chair
Charleston, SC

Andrea Foshee Passafiume A’88, Member-at-Large
Silver Spring, MD
Film Programmer

Alyson Dudley Meyer A’91, Director of Student Engagement
Winston-Salem, NC
Designer & Artist

Jean Foust Allen A’78, Member-at-Large
Winston-Salem, NC

Sallie Smalley Beason A’85, Member-at-Large
Charlotte, NC
Investment Advisor

Julia Cardwell Archer A’84, Alumna Trustee
Winston-Salem, NC

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