Plus 2 College Credit Program

2 Ways to Earn College Credit

Plus 2 Program - Student presenting to an audience

  • 6-36 The number of college credits students earned (2019)

Opportunities Abound

In your senior year you can:

  1. Enroll in any introductory level courses at Salem College, provided you meet the standards and requirements.  You can choose from any of College’s distinctive academic programs. Classes take place on the College’s adjacent campus and are taught by College faculty.
  2. Take a dual-enrollment course in English literature, World History, and/or Calculus. These Salem College courses are taught at the Academy. You can earn 3-6 credits per course.

Plus, there are no additional tuition costs! These college course opportunities are a benefit of the distinctive relationship between the Academy and Salem College.

You Set the Limit

Last year, one Academy student graduated with 36 college credits! She obviously maximized all opportunities: AP, Dual Enrollment, and Salem College intro courses. Just another Salem Saber on the rise!