AP & Honors Courses

Go the Distance

I was ahead in college because of my time at the Academy. I was waived from Math my freshman year because I took AP Math. That gave me the room to complete my BS and MS simultaneously.”

Tianjiao “Tania” Cai A’09
 MS, MBA, Engineer & Senior Consultant, Ernst & Young

Advanced Placement Courses

Salem students have a strong record of success when it comes to College Board Advanced Placement (AP) exams — And lots of opportunity! We have AP courses in :

Calculus AB
Calculus BC
US History
Spanish Language and Culture
Latin Literature
English Language and Composition

AP courses are advanced level; please review the standards and requirements for placement.

Honors Courses

Our high-level Honors courses are more challenging and in-depth than other courses. You’ll dig deep into the content and will work at a college-level pace, so standards and requirements apply.

Salem’s Honor’s curriculum includes:

English I
English II
English IV/Salem College English 221
English IV: 20th Century Women’s Literature
European History
Renaissance History
Women’s Studies
World Civilizations
Algebra II
Computer Science
Computer Science Principles
Latin II
Latin III
Spanish IV
Mandarin II
Mandarin III
Mandarin IV
Spanish II
Spanish III